Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, Bruuns Bazaar was established in 1994. 

Bruuns Bazaar was the first brand to present the Scandinavian look as we know it today, which gained admiration around the world. In January 1999, the brand entered the official show calendar in Paris, as the first ever Danish fashion brand. 

Bruuns Bazaar signature style is all about relaxed elegance. The look is vibrant and charismatic and the individual expression is understated yet distinct. The blend of classic styles and modern pieces has created a group of loyal devotees.

Nordic simplicity and cool comfort is key a key brand value. The main focus is to design beautiful and unique pieces, using good qualities and applying strong craftsmanship at a competitive price point.

At the core of our products is the fabric, and at Bruuns Bazaar, we have made a clear and ambitious goalto use sustainable fabrics in 100% of our styles before 2022. This is the area of our business where we canmake the largest difference, and we put allof our efforts into reaching this goal. At the same time, wecontinuously analyse different parts of our business to see if we can find more sustainable solutions toeveryday challenges.

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